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  • Are all the ADNCS trained?
    Yes, all ADNCS are trained in newborn care, basic lactation, and identifying postpartum and sleep training.
  • How do I pay for services?
    Here are the payment methods you can us Venmo: @askadoulabusiness (Fees will be applied) Zelle: (There are no fee's)
  • When can I start sleep training?
    1. When the pediatrician releases the baby to sleep longer than 3 hours. 2. The baby doesn't have a serious medical condition 3. He or she drinks enough calories during the day 4. Do They show signs of sleeping longer at night? Please keep in mind your baby's night will not look like an adult night. Sample night sleep schedule 9pm-2am or 8pm-2am Ask A Doula Newborn Services typically start sleep training at 6 weeks old. We no longer sleep train at 4 weeks old.
  • How many weeks can I book your services?
    You can book 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks. If you think you need more than 12 weeks please contact us so that an arrangement can be made.
  • Can I hire my ADNCS privately?
    No, we completely honor the conflict of interest at Ask A Doula Newborn Service & Healthcare LLC. You can not hire your NBCS assigned to you unless they have not been working for AADNS for at least 12 months.
  • Can I work with ADNCS during the day?
    We only provide day services upon request. Please ask about our price change.
  • How can I share my reviews?
    Yes, all reviews are welcome. Click the photo below to go to the BBB website and Google reviews and leave a review. Please leave us a review on both platforms. We ask that you not leave a negative review unless we have communicated about the situation.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, we carry malpractice insurance.
  • Are you all on social media?
    Yes we are on Instagram: Facebook:
  • How can I get a copy of your parent magazine?
    Baby Whisper Magazine Baby Whisper Magazine is an online and print resource for families and birth workers that features valuable information, tips, and inspiration from professional writers and real moms.
  • Do have any resources
    Click the link for more information: Beauti and the Baby TV: YouTube resources | Baby Whisper Magazine online publication
  • Do you all have a business card?
    Yes, we have a digital business card. Please save it.
  • When can I start my services?
    You can start your services the day when you get released from the hospital.
  • Can I cancel my night services?
    We ask that you cancel within 24 hours before the scheduled time. If this is not done, payment for the day is still required. Or we will not be able to guarantee coverage.
  • Can I terminate my contract?
    Please refer to your parent portal
  • Do I pay a deposit?
    No, we do not ask for a deposit only a holding fee which is nontransferable, and it does not apply to the weekly rate. In the case of a miscarriage, you can apply the holding fee to another pregnancy.


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